The wonders of La Oliva is not only to see but feel. To experience truly our wonders you have to walk and feel them under your feet. Just remember, La Oliva is cosy by nature.


With a perfect temperature almost all year around, La Oliva is characterised by a warm climate, with temperature between 21 and 27 degrees and rarely lower than 11 degrees in winter. Located at the north part of Fuerteventura Island, this is the ideal place to enjoy the holidays with your family and it is a big scenario to surfing, windsurfing, diving or or fishing.. Its spectacular landscapes, which are of volcanic origin, are very attractive. If you want to, you can go through the paths and natural parks such as the beautiful Lobos Island..

The weather in La Oliva

Ideas for the journey

In the footsteps of legend

An excellent guidebook to help you explore the walking routes of La Oliva. Volcanoes, beaches, history and much more.

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