La Oliva has 9 different walking routes in the north of the island of Fuerteventura for hiking and walking. Amazing routes with high cliffs, mountains and volcanoes and incredible panoramic views of the town.

You can find these 9 routes in a guide to paths called “Huellas de leyenda” (In the footsteps of legend) ). You can find it at tourist offices in the town or you can download it here.

The nine legend paths:

  1. Lobos Island
  2. Montaña de Tindaya (Currently you cannot go up the mountain)
  3. Tindaya – Esquinzo – El Cotillo
  4. Calderón Hondo
  5. Corralejo – Lajares
  6. Villaverde – Cueva del Llano
  7. Malpaís de la Arena
  8. Corralejo – El Cotillo
  9. La Oliva and its Heritage

Ideas for the journey

In the footsteps of legend

An excellent guidebook to help you explore the walking routes of La Oliva. Volcanoes, beaches, history and much more.

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The weather in La Oliva