The municipality of La Oliva is located in the north of the island of Fuerteventura and covers an area of 356.13 km2 (21.5% of the island) including the Lobos Islet.

Geographic limits
To the south lies the municipality of Puerto del Rosario, on a line running from east to west from Buen Pobre cove, along the Vallebrón razor-back ridge to the peak of La Muda mountain, going down by way of La Mesa point to the Montaña Quemada badlands, and reaching the west coast at Jable de Janubio.


Amongst the countless attractions in the municipality, a visit to its natural spaces is a must.


The municipality is made up of the villages of La Oliva, its main town, Tindaya, Vallebrón, La Caldereta, Tostón or El Cotillo, El Roque, Los Lajares, Villaverde, Corralejo, Majanicho and Parque Holandés. Recently, the village of La Capellanía, between Villaverde and Corralejo, has been consolidated. In addition to these villages there is also Lobos Islet.

The territorial boundaries of the municipality have not experienced any significant changes throughout its history, as they were based on the ecclesiastic structuring that was carried out in the 18th century.

In 1837, the island fell under the administration of the Spanish Crown, thanks to the abolition of the señoríos or lordships. During this decade, the restructuring of Spain into municipal demarcations enabled the creation of the Town Council of La Oliva and its municipal district.

Ideas for the journey

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