The island’s main attractions are sea and beach activities, such as sport fishing and water sports, and an image of peace and contact with nature.


Underwater fishing and scuba diving

Underwater fishing and scuba diving are two of the appealing tourism options in the municipality of La Oliva. Under the surface of the sea off its coastline you will find a marvellous variety of aquatic life, especially in the triangle formed by Corralejo, Los Lobos Islet and Las Dunas, and at no more than 17 metres deep. There you can observe a variety of species: the flight-like movements of the stingray, the colourful beauty of the vieja fish, the swiftness of the barracuda, the balled-up shape of the jurels, gilthead sea breams and sargos, the tame swimming of the grouper, the curiosity of the kinglet, the winding movements of the moray eel and the gluttonous comber.



The surf, windsurf, kite surf and sailing

Its steady breezes make La Oliva a special place for going sailing, surfing, and windsurfing, and it attracts a large number of windsurfers from all corners of the world. Excellent areas for this activity are the beaches of Lobos, El Cotillo, Majanicho, Esquinzo, El Hierro, La Punta (El Muelle), El Burro, La Tiñosa, Punta Elena, etc.



Hiking and walks, mountain biking and cycling

Contact with nature inland is a rewarding experience, one in which sportspeople can enjoy a natural environment which is very relaxing because of its peacefulness and beauty.

Hiking and walks, mountain biking and cycling are highly popular among the tourists who make their way into the Correlejo, Lobos island, Calderón Hondo, Malpaís de La Arena and Montaña Sagrada de Tindaya natural parks.

Leisure and sports enthusiasts have the chance to enjoy doing their favourite activities all year round in a pleasant climate. In this respect, Correlejo has a broad range of facilities to meet the needs of all our visitors.


Ideas for the journey

In the footsteps of legend

An excellent guidebook to help you explore the walking routes of La Oliva. Volcanoes, beaches, history and much more.

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The weather in La Oliva